New Book: We Are One Family

COVER IMAGE - Tom Sikora & men in Monarch

Polish immigrants in front of the Tipple of the Monarch Mine, ca. 1915

WE ARE ONE FAMILY (Jesteśmy jedną rodziną) Polish Immigration to Sheridan County, Wyoming 1890-1920 will be published in the spring of 2015. This book documents the immigration of ethnic Poles from the Carpathian Mountain region of central Europe to Sheridan County, Wyoming from 1890 to 1920. Over fifty families who can trace their roots to this wave of immigration are included. Section I examines the conditions in Wyoming in the late 1800s that brought immigrants west and also examines the conditions in the partitions of Poland that caused so many to undertake the journey of a lifetime. Life in the mining camps of Dietz, Carneyville/Kleenburn, Kooi, Acme and Monarch is highlighted is section II. Section III examine topics including Americanization, repatriation and the legacy of the Poles in Sheridan.